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MacBook Pro Memory Upgrade / Install 16Gb DDR3 1600Mhz

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MacBook Memory Upgrade 16Gb

I recently upgraded the RAM in my MacBook Pro 13” late 2011 model to 16Gb of DDR3 1600Mhz Corsair Vengeance, Apple state 8Gb is the maximum for this MBP model, however I have been running 16Gb for about 6 months with no issues…

Tools Required to Upgrade MacBook Memory

  • Small Cross Head Screw Driver
  • Anti Static Strap / Matt
  • Air Spray (if you want to clean the dust out while you have the MacBook back cover off)

Step 1 – Remove MacBook Pro Back Cover

Before we start please make sure your MacBook is shut down and not in suspend / hibernation.

Flip the MacBook over and you will see some tiny screws along the edge of the chassis, you must remove these carefully taking care not to round of the screw heads (make sure you have the correct size screw driver).

MacBook Rear Pannel Removal

After removing the screws I place them on the table in order as some are longer / shorter.

Place the back cover some where safe, it’s easily damaged when removed from the MacBook Pro chassis (it’s just a thin sheet of aluminium).

MacBook Back Cover

Step 2 – Remove the Existing MacBook RAM

After removing the rear pannel you should see something similar to:

MacBook Pro internals, motherboard, RAM etc

Note that my MacBook has a Vertex 3 SSD drive (that I have now swapped out with a Samsung), your MacBook will have a stock Apple hard drive (I think they use seagate).

At this point you should be able to see the RAM sticks, one stick is on top of the other.

Original Apple RAM

Carefully undo the clips and gently lift the memory stick upwards and slide it out.

MacBook remove memory

Once both sticks of RAM (memory) have been removed you should have two empty slots:

MacBook Pro empty memory slots

Install New Memory

Installation of your new RAM is simply a case of taking the new sticks out of the packaging and cliping them in (the reverse of the above).

MacBook Pro install new RAM

MacBook Pro new RAM installed

Once your new RAM is installed you need to put the rear cover back on and power on your MacBook Pro. once OSX has booted check the new memory is visible in OSX and running at the correct clock speed. To do this click the Apple logo in the top left and click “About this Mac”.

OSX Check installed memory amount & speed

Personally I run memtest86 on newly installed memory to check for faults.