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CentOS 6 LAMP Install (Apache MySQL & PHP) via YUM

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How To install a CentOS 6 LAMP server, LAMP stands for Linux Apache MySQL & PHP and is often refereed to as a “LAMP Stack”. CentOS is a popular choice for web servers as it’s based on RHEL (Redhat Linux).

This guide assumes you have a working fully updated CentOS 6 system with root access, if not see our CentOS 6 Netinstall tutorial.

CentOS Apache Install via YUM

The first step is to install the Apache web server, RHEL based distributions call this package httpd not Apache. Often admins get this command wrong and type “yum install apache” or “yum install apache2” – the correct command to install Apache on CentOS is:

yum install httpd

Start Apache on CentOS:

/etc/init.d/httpd start

Add MySQL to start at boot type the following:

chkconfig httpd on

CentOS MySQL install via YUM

Enter the following command to install CentOS MySQL Server and client via YUM:

yum install mysql-server mysql

Start MySQL on CentOS type:

/etc/init.d/mysqld start

Add MySQL to start at boot type the following:

chkconfig mysqld on

CentOS Install PHP & php-mysql via YUM

To install PHP and php-mysql (php-mysql is required so that PHP can talk to MySQL) on CentOS 6 type:

yum install php php-mysql

FYI here is the full CentOS LAMP command (this will install Apache, MySQL & PHP all in one go):

yum install httpd php php-mysql mysql mysql-server

If you did everything right above you should see the CentOS test page if you browse to https://localhost (or your servers IP if you are on another box). If you don’t see a page below and it simply does not load chances are iptables is blocking httpd traffic you should configure iptables to allow httpd traffic however for now you  may want to disable the CentOS firewall.

CentOS Apache Install Default Page

I would recommend creating a file called index.php in /var/www/html/ and adding the following code to it:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

This should give you an output similar to:

CentOS PHP Install - phpinfo output

If you see the above output all is will and you can install your web apps or start building them, if you have any problems and need help please drop me a comment below.