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CentOS 6 Download ISO

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Below are high speed CentOS 6 Download links direct from the mirror and further down the page are CentOS 6 torrent links. I recommend downloading the CentOS 6 minimal ISO and installing additional packages from YUM, this will save mirror bandwidth and download time. If you require the CentOS 6 DVD ISO then I recommend downloading the torrent below this will prevent the large ISO files corrupting during download.

CentOS 6 Download

This post is updated every time a point release is announced, meaning you will always have the most recent CentOS 6 ISO files (currently this page contains CentOS 6.2 Download Links).

Please see our tutorial on How to install CentOS 6 for Servers and Desktops for a walk through of the install process.

Minimal CentOS 6 Download (recommended)

As mentioned above I highly recommend the minimal CentOS 6 download, after / during install you can install up to date packages directly from the mirror via YUM.

The links below are for CentOS 6.2 minimal ISO:

Minimal CentOS 6 ISO x86_64 (64 Bit)

Minimal CentOS 6 ISO for i386

CentOS 6 DVD ISO Download

Below are the download links for the install version of the CentOS 6.2 DVD ISO’s, the install is split across two DVD’s. I only recommend installing the DVD’s if you do not have access to the Internet during the installation process.

Install DVD 1 x86_64 (64 Bit) – 4.1Gb Install DVD 2 x86_64 (64 Bit) – 1.2Gb

Install DVD i386 – 3.6Gb Install DVD 2 i386 -1Gb

CentOS 6 Download links for the Live CD & DVD ISO’s

Links for the CentOS 6 Live CD / DVD ISO images for both 64 Bit and i386.

CentOS 6.2 Live CD i386 ISO

CentOS 6.2 Live DVD i386 ISO

CentOS 6.2 Live CD x86_64 (64 Bit) CentOS 6.2 Live DVD x86_64 (64 Bit)

CentOS 6 Torrent Links

Below are torrent links for all CentOS ISO’s for both architectures, there are no torrents for the minimal ISO as the files size is so small.

CentOS 6.2 Live CD ISO i386 CentOS 6.2 Live CD ISO x86_64 (64 Bit)

CentOS 6.2 Live DVD ISO i386 CentOS 6.2 Live DVD ISO x86_64 (64 Bit)

CentOS 6.2 Install DVD ISO i386 CentOS 6.2 Install DVD ISO (64 Bit)

The above Install DVD torrents contain both DVD ISO’s.